Environmental Science: Working with the Earth

Environmental Science: Working with the Earth

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ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE, 11th Edition, boasts an unparalleled coverage of sustainability, basic science, and bias-free comparisons, within a flexible chapter organization and supported by the strongest media tools and illustration program available. New media to this edition includes: How Would You Vote? found at http://biology.brookscole.com/miller11. This is an application of 68 provocative environmental issues covered in the text. Students investigate the issues in a structured manner, and then cast their votes on the Web where the results are tallied; Environmental ScienceNow, a learning tool that helps students assess their study needs through pretests, post-test, personalized learning plans and How Do I Prepare, which aides students in basic math, chemistry and graphing review; and InfoTrac College Edition, a library of full text articles; PowerLecture for Millera€™s Environmental Science, 11th Edition. This one-stop PowerPoint Tool contains robust, preloaded PowerPoint lecture images organized by every chapter. PowerLecture contains: animations that bring key topics and concepts to life; a slide-sorting view for each chapter that lets you select, copy and paste slides into your PowerPoint lecture; the ability to select a piece of a figure and enlarge it; labels in text boxes that you can edit, remove, or present one label at a time; quick access to animations and videos--if a PowerPoint slide contains a green button, just click on it to show a related animation; Instructora€™s Manual and associated chapter outlines; and Test Bank--a complete electronic file of test items. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.What are the major types of desert and grassland biomes, and how do human activities affect them? ... Factors That Affect Climate Climate is the average weather conditionsa€”especially temperature and precipitationa€”of an area over a long time. ... eartha#39;s daily rotation and annual path around the sun, air circulation over the eartha#39;s surface, the global distribution of landmasses and seas, the circulation ofanbsp;...

Title:Environmental Science: Working with the Earth
Author:G. Miller
Publisher:Cengage Learning - 2005-09-22


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