Environmentally Conscious Transportation

Environmentally Conscious Transportation

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The Wiley Series in Environmentally Conscious Engineering will be made up of a number of contributed books, each covering a broad subset of information. Titles already under contract include: Environmentally Conscious Mechanical Design, Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing, Environmentally Conscious Material and Chemical Processing, and Environmentally Conscious Alternative Energy Production. The target market for the series will be practicing professionals, both engineers and managers, and upper level engineering students. This fifth volume at the same level of writing and audience. Environmentally Conscious Transportation will provide a foundation for understanding and implementing methods for reducing the environmental impact of all forms of transportation - road, rail, air, and sea, and of both people and goods, including raw, as well as toxic, materials. Contributors will present relevant practical and analytic techniques that contribute to enhancing the integrity and reliability of transportation vehicles and infrastructure, as well as measuring and limiting the pollution caused by transportation activities. Chapters will cover: Environmental effects of urban and regional transportation networks, Contribution of Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) to improving the environmental consequences of transportation systems, Electric and hybrid vehicle design, Uses of transportation vehicle waste products / discarded vehicles, Transportation fuels environmental impact evaluation and others.Public participation strategies, 22 Public-sector infrastructure costs, monetary externalities (consideration), 72 Public transit projects ... See Emissions Residential garages, prices (inclusion), 76 Resource Management Act of 1991, 295 Resources ... direct emissions (2000), 6t transportation life-cycle emissions ( 2000), 6t Prius (Toyota) electric machine design, 137 engine. ... See Motor vehicle goods/services Probabilistic LCCA, 267a€“268 Probability density function (PDF), 267 Produceranbsp;...

Title:Environmentally Conscious Transportation
Author:Myer Kutz
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2008


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