Ephesian Miracle

Ephesian Miracle

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In Ephesian Miracle things begin on an ominous note. Two Christian priests are murdered in Istanbul shortly before Art and his fiancee Marissa are to be married in the Chora Church in that cosmopolitan city. On top of that, it appears the bones of Mary the mother of Jesus have been found in Ephesus! Art and Marissa's honeymoon plans go awry when suddenly Marissa is missing and a ransom note is found by Art under the door of his hotel room in Kushadasi. It will take a miracle, an Ephesian miracle, to save her life. Fascinating archaeological discoveries, a romantic mid-life wedding and honeymoon, kidnapping and the martyring of Christians dot the landscape of this sixth thriller in the Art West series.Jacking the car a little higher up, Art extracted the flat tire and quickly put the new one in its place. Screwing the nuts back on ... All of a sudden he jerked the car to the side of the road, threw open the door, and vomiteda€”over and over and over again. a€œThere was ... Apparently, the dosage of arsenic in a can of carbonated soda was enough to make them sick but not enough to kill them. a€œI guess we will notanbsp;...

Title:Ephesian Miracle
Author:Ben Witherington, III Dr, Ann Witherington
Publisher:Wipf and Stock Publishers - 2014-02-19


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