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Globalization has been reshaping the culture, politics and economy of countries. This knowledge-based work environment requires the formation of new curriculum and pedagogical practices. For a country to survive economically in this environment, it is necessary to restructure its education policies and practices. The government has to put in place national education policies that create a workforce that can meet global demands. An education program has to ensure that these policies are well translated in schools. This book examines the PhilippinesAca‚na„c present education landscape and its pedagogical practices. Specifically, it looks at the strategies adopted by the education department in the refining of its internet-driven education framework. It discusses De La Salle-College of Saint BenildeAca‚na„cs strategy in the curriculum that is experiential, participative, image-driven, and connected via the most up-to-date information and communication technologies for teaching and learning in schools.In fact, as many new and free online anti-plagiarism and anti-copyright infringement sites have started becoming very useful to journalists and to the members ... of the present generation, likewise many new sites offered copyright- free, public domain images and photographs for anyone interested. ... If the target Web site is hosted in a shared hosting server, all websites on the same server will be blocked.

Author:Jose A. Fadul
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2010-04-27


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