Epilepsy and Pregnancy

Epilepsy and Pregnancy

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Approximately 2.5 million people in the U.S. suffer from epilepsy; of these, more than one million are women of child-bearing age. With concerns about everything from medication-related birth defects to falls during seizures, many of these women are fearful of having children. The good news is that, with proper prenatal care, more than 90% will deliver healthy babies. Epilepsy and Pregnancy gives readers the basic facts they need to help them make medical decisions throughout preconception, pregnancy, labor, delivery, and the early days after childbirth. Topics include preconception, fertility, pregnancy risks, risks to the fetus, nutrition, keeping fit, what to expect during pregnancy, fetal development, and labor and delivery. In addition, the book includes guidelines for the use of antiepileptic drugs during pregnancy, recommendations and questions to ask their neurologist, recommended daily allowances by age group, glossary, and much more. Epilepsy and Pregnancy is an essential guide for any woman who suffers from epilepsy and desires to have a child.;My Story; Preconception; Fertility; Risks of Pregnancy; Risks to the Baby; Pregnancy; What to Do to Protect Yourself and Your Baby; Nutrition; Keeping Fit during Pregnancy; What to Expect When You're Pregnant; Fetal Development; Labor and Delivery; Taking Care of Yourself after Childbirth; Breastfeeding; Childcare; A Few Words from the Author; Organizations to Contact for Help; Glossary; The AED Pregnancy Registry: Questions and Answers; References.;Expertly co-authored by Stacey Chillemi and Blanca Vazquez...Epilepsy and Pregnancy provides a superb presentation for everything epileptic women must know about having children...truly, an invaluable reference for all women wishing for more information on the risks of childbirth and care with epilepsy.--Midwest Book Review qThe authors keep the practical and pragmatic in mind as they describe preconception counseling, fertility, risks, the pregnancy process itself, nutrition, labor and delivery, post-delivery, and breast feeding.q--SciTech Book News... history of spina bifida (a neural tube birth defect in which the bones of the spine do not form properly around the spinal cord). ... It is important to remember that even with a high-risk medication, most babies born to mothers with epilepsy are fine. Studies have focused on abnormality at birth, but there are some data that show a minority of the babies born to ... your doctor and to start taking folic acid before trying to get pregnant, because the most vulnerable period starts before you 16anbsp;...

Title:Epilepsy and Pregnancy
Author:Stacey Chillemi, Blanca Vazquez MD, Dr. Blanca Vazquez
Publisher:Demos Medical Publishing - 2006-01-01


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