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Written and edited by world-renowned authorities, this three-volume work is, to quote a reviewer, qthe definitive textbook about seizures and epilepsyq. This Second Edition is thoroughly updated and gives you a complete print and multimedia package: the three-volume set plus access to an integrated content Website. More than 300 chapters cover the spectrum of biology, physiology, and clinical information, from molecular biology to public health concerns in developing countries. Included are detailed discussions of seizure types and epilepsy syndromes; relationships between physiology and clinical events; psychiatric and medical comorbidity; conditions that could be mistaken for epilepsy; and an increasing range of pharmacologic, surgical, and alternative therapies, including vagus nerve stimulation and deep brain stimulation. This edition describes many new antiepileptic drugs, major advances in surgical treatment, and state-of-the-art neuroimaging, EEG, and other technologies for diagnosis and seizure prediction. A companion Website offers instant access to the complete, fully searchable text, plus an image bank of additional figures, video footage, and annual updates to selected chapters.Kidney disease hyponatremia and, 2663 pharmacokinetics and, 1177 seizures and, 2007a€“2008 Kidneys in aging, 1272 transplantation ... 1296, 1296t, 1337a€“ 1338, 1580, 1580t initiation schedule, 1296t maintenance dosage, 1498f in trials, 1188 drug interactions with ... 1270 withdrawal, 1091, 1578 Lamotrigine Pregnancy Registry, 1218 Lance-Adams syndrome, 2767 Landau-Kleffner syndrome (LKS)anbsp;...

Author:Jerome Engel, Timothy A. Pedley, Jean Aicardi
Publisher:Lippincott Williams & Wilkins - 2008


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