Episode One: Where History Can Be Hacked

Episode One: Where History Can Be Hacked

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Episode One: Where History Can Be Hacked From the novel: The Survival Guide For The One Percent Starting June 9, I am offering Episode One for free. All who have purchased Episode One have gone on to purchase all subsequent episodes. It looks like a good bet that if I provide potential readers an easy path to the series, I will keep you as a reader. This is important for a customer to know about the promotion..!! When you order a download of this episode, the system Google employs will still ask for a method of payment, and it will qTEMPORARILYq charge your card, or PayPal account $1.00. Their system will put the $1.00 back into your account later. My email address is posted on my bio page. If you have any trouble, please let me know. Sorry for the inconvenience. There is an improved quality sample for Episode One on the front page of the website for the novel: http://www.opnovel.com Episode One frames the how, and where everything begins to occur. The development of an ultra wealthy One Percent began, because a combined NASA/NOAA program enlightens a limited number of people to a new twist in the laws of physics. Computer programmers, under the employ of the United States government, identify a method to provide their ancestors with information related to the coming industrial revolution. Their goal was to build the wealth of their ancestors, so that, by their own time, their families would have become financial dynasties. Their plan succeeds, save for certain unreasonable assumptions. They ignored that power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The era of the One Percent begins, but the descendants of those that had benefited will not inherit wealth. In fact, those that benefited are determined to not be identified as frauds. This novel is about payback, and by both sides of the equation. It's a list, and a method of how the war we're all now witnessing, between most of the ultra wealthy, came to begin. A brief description of Episode One: Where History Can Be Hacked A NASA, and NOAA sponsored project goes awry, and inadvertently creates a revised history of the world. The original goal of the experiment was sold as a benign investigation into the history of climate changes. Instead, corrupt intelligence officers overseeing the project had covertly ordered select programmers to supply their ancestors with the knowledge of how to profit financially, during the era of the industrial revolution. The ancestors of these corrupt intelligence officers, as well as those of their programers, became the financial titans of that era. Over subsequent generations, their wealth escalated to a point where they became known as the One Percent. Project managers retained a knowledge of the programmers previous stations in life, and became suspicious their instantaneous wealth might have been created by the project. Project managers, and programmers fought to preserve their preferred histories. Continuous attempts to reshape the past created a sequence of rapidly altered histories. Within only days of repeated revisions to history, little was left of the project's facility, or the programmers computer terminals. The product of their battling was a new unrecognizable history. A new non-industrial society had replaced all previous versions of history. The Medieval period in Europe remained for centuries. The Renaissance, and the Age of Discovery never took place. Instead, it evolved into a force of law governed through Medieval, and Papal Inquisitions. The western Americas became dominated by the peoples that migrated down from the Bering Straight. They continued their migration south, and east, across the Americas. The hypothesis of a Solutrean culture, and their migration west from Europe had been correct. They moved down through the northeast of the Americas. Their range extended further south, and then west, until these two peoples clashed over resources, and territorial domination. Field operatives dropped into the failing experiment, were caught within the new reality, and are seeking a return path. Additional intelligence officers had been sent, with instructions to attempt repair of all modifications to history. Some of the individuals, reluctantly pulled into the new history managed to adapt, and some became leaders within the existing tribal cultures. Preferring their new stations in life, and with little interest in a return, they are determined to maintain their positions. Knowledge of how to recover the original history now exists only within the minds of the programmers. They are among the few left alive known to prefer the original history. The chase of the corrupt intelligence officers, and their programmers, provides the name for the novel. If they chose to remain in the Americas, they face indigenous Asiatic peoples with a hatred of anyone with white skin, or a population of Nordic tribesman accustomed to killing anyone who isn't white; enslaving males, and imprisoning females. If they chose to reside in Europe, they face even greater danger. The officers, and the programmers possess full sets of unblemished teeth, and exhibit increased knowledge. These differences are not subtle, within a society governed by orthodox religion; the rules of the Inquisition, and by Papal Law. Being burned at the stake becomes a genuine possibility. Only a few, within the new history, want the programmers to survive. All who prefer the revised history wish them dead. There is not, anywhere on the face of the Earth, a government interested in the principals of Democracy. They live as low ranking members, within a population controlled by individuals, whose number is even smaller than one percent. Their role in society has been reversed.From the novel: The Survival Guide For The One Percent David Murray. You cana#39;t publish anything significant in paleontology while sitting on your but in a university office. ... Brennana#39;s mother was the sister of a US Senator from Montana.

Title:Episode One: Where History Can Be Hacked
Author:David Murray
Publisher:David Murray - 2015-01-15


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