Equine Do

Equine Do

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The definite purpose of this book is to share information and knowledge (based on facts and not opinion) with all those who love horses and want to understand not only how to see postural faults that compromise comfort and performance but also have a desire to make the necessary changes to better them. I will reference some of the common problems you may be experiencing with your horse therefore allowing you to have a better understanding of where the issues may be coming from. A better understanding is a more educated horse owner, and a more educated horse owner saves money.When you contract a muscle or muscle group, its opposing muscles relax and stretch (lengthen). Asthe muscle contracts youcreate vasoconstriction or constriction ofthe capillary walls thatcarry theblood tothefibers. To oxygenatethe musclesanbsp;...

Title:Equine Do
Author:Dino Fretterd
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-11-05


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