Erotic Marriage

Erotic Marriage

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At one time in history, both religion and medicine held that sex was dangerous to our physical, mental, and moral health. Times have changed, and yet these earlier views still strongly impact us today. Erotic Marriage provides historical information and explores how religion and culture have shaped our sexual attitudes and behaviors. Bearing these factors in mind, it also offers guidelines for establishing a healthy sexual and emotional relationship. Information on the subjects of female orgasm and male sexual functioning will make it clear how couples can improve their sexual experience. Examinations of the difficult subjects of pornography, sexual addiction, erotica, and emotionally connecting with a partner will provide insights from a positive perspective. Liberate yourself from inhibition, fear, guilt, and shame. Improve your sexual life and your emotional connection to your partner. Become the lover your lover wants!The Female Orgasmic Controversy Historically, there has been a controversy over female orgasm. Women who could not have an orgasm were called frigid. A frigid woman was thought of as a block of ice. No one dared to get close to her.

Title:Erotic Marriage
Author:Dr. Frederick D. Mondin
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-12-17


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