Escape Your Shape

Escape Your Shape

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The Individualized Fitness Prescription for Your Body Type Do you wonder why the latest fitness fad doesn't work for you? Have you lifted weights for months, dreaming of toned, defined muscles, with no results? Have you exercised regularly for months -- or even years -- without seeing any changes in your body? If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are your exercise routine is incomplete and wrong for your body type. Everyone -- men and women alike -- has a natural shape: HourglassAr SpoonAr RulerAr ConeAr And there's a right and a wrong way to exercise for each. By exercising right for your body type you'll finally see stubborn problem areas start to change in a matter of weeks -- the kind of change that will motivate you to continue until you meet your goals and beyond. You don't need to buy expensive equipment or devote hours a day to this program. Whether you're twenty-two or seventy-two, a regular at the gym or making a serious commitment to exercise for the first time in your life, the man Fit magazine calls the qShape Masterq puts the most important tool for success in your hands: a detailed step-by-step workout for your body type that you can perform anywhere. With consistent workouts fueled by quantifiable results, you will dramatically change your body for the better and for the rest of your life.Often, because of their poor hamstring flexibility and weak lower abs, Rulers experience lower back pain. ... Because Rulers need to work extra hard to build muscle mass, ita#39;s vital that they do not allow that muscle mass to fade. ... Most men are Rulers and should focus on trimming their midsection and increasing hamstring flexibility to avoid back problems later in life ... with moderate to high resistance Stepper/stair climbers with moderate to high resistance Push-ups Chin -ups, pull-upsanbsp;...

Title:Escape Your Shape
Author:Edward Jackowski
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2001-08-20


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