Essential Guide to Object Monitors

Essential Guide to Object Monitors

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qThis timely book sets the bar for Object Transaction Monitors (OTMs). Then it provides in-depth comparisons of the leading OTM contenders-including the dirt and the gotchas. As a result, you get a $3, 000 analyst report on the current state of OTMs for the price of a book. How could you pass it up? This book is must reading for anyone involved in middleware.q -Robert Orfali, Author Client/Server Survival Guide, Third Edition. Are Object Monitors (OMs) really the universal alternative to multiple middleware products? What do they offer and how do they compare to other products on the market? How seriously should I take vendors' claims when it comes to our unique requirements? How do I select and use the best OM products for our current and future needs? This essential guide supplies the answers to these and all your questions concerning OM technology. You get impartial assessments of all the leading OM products, including: * IBM ComponentBroker. * Microsoft MTS. * Inprise ITS. * BEA M3. * Iona OrbixOTM. * Hitachi TPBroker. For each product, the authors describe: its architecture and integration with other vendor products; its conformance with CORBA and COM; how each works in real-world business applications; and marketing strategy. All this information is based on in-depth testing and hands-on investigation. You also get a framework for choosing the best product for your overall business, pinpointing application variances, recognizing similar product sets, and identifying future trends. On the companion Web site you'll find: * Regular product updates. * The latest OM technology news. * Links to other sites of interest.... 191, 195 ITS and, 129, 137 M3and, 113 MTS and, 171, 178 OrbixOTM suite and, 81-82, 92 TPBroker and, 157 system integration, ... 158 installation of, 144 Internet enablement and, 211 legacy system integration, 148, 157 messaging communications, 149-150, 157 ... 4, 11-15, 41 BEA Top End, 95 BEA TUXEDO, 95 Encina transaction processing monitor, 72 message management with, 11-15 overlapanbsp;...

Title:Essential Guide to Object Monitors
Author:Karen Boucher, Fima Katz
Publisher:Wiley - 1999-04-05


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