Essential PHP Tools

Essential PHP Tools

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This book is an essential guide to some of the best free add-ons to PHP. These add-ons, or tools, provide invaluable functionality for improving your PHP web applications, including accessing databases, generating robust Web forms, using page templating systems, creating and parsing XML documents, authenticating users, and much more. In response to the existing shortage of documentation about the tools, author David Sklar packs this book with details about installing, configuring, and using each toola€”along with plenty of examples tailored to PHP 4 and 5. Sklar also lays out the details of Auth and HTML_QuickFormtwo hard working PEAR modules, so you don't have to code your own authentication system or Web form construction set! Also included are chapters on debugging programs, and increasing Web server speed. In short, you will learn to eliminate inefficiencies in PHP, and enhance performance without any code modification. Table of Contents Accessing Databases with DB Accessing Databases with ADODB Using HTML_QuickForm for Form Processing Templating with Smarty Performing Event-Based XML Parsing with XML_Parser Developing Lightweight Web Services with XML_RPC Developing Heavyweight Web Services with SOAP Performing Easier XML Parsing with SimpleXML Sending Mail Working with Authentication, Users, and Passwords Understanding PHP Internals Profiling and Debugging with Xdebug Accelerating with Code CachesThe image section also gets a Content-ID header, which is a unique string to identify the section. The second thing that ... If you refer to images by filename elsewhere in your HTML, those references change as well. When you add an image toanbsp;...

Title:Essential PHP Tools
Author:David Sklar
Publisher:Apress - 2004-03-11


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