Essential Spanish Grammar

Essential Spanish Grammar

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This Spanish grammar has been designed specifically for the adult with limited learning time. It covers the most important points of Spanish grammar in the clearest possible way, concentrating on the expressions that you would be most likely to use. All rules are illustrated with common phrases, and hints are included throughout the book on how to replace difficult constructions with simpler ones. All the major aspects of Spanish grammar are presented in logical order: vocabulary and vocabulary building; word order; how to turn a positive sentence into a negative one; how to form questions; nouns; pronouns; adjectives; adverbs; how to conjugate verbs in the major tenses; how to use auxiliary verbs; prepositions and infinitives; useful expressions; and vocabulary tips. One section is devoted to the definition of all grammatical terms used throughout the book. Not a simplified grammar, this is a selected grammar for adult use. It can be used alone, either as an introductory course or as a refresher, or as a supplement to a record course. Its cognate list of more than 2500 words which are either the same or nearly the same in Spanish and English offers probably the easiest way for you to build your vocabulary, for you will discover that you have already been using very many words that with a slight change in pronunciation are already good Spanish. This is the only place where this useful teaching device is available.The same form in Spanish can be translated as both simple present in English (I speak) and the progressive present (I am speaking). 8. Besides usted and ustedes there is another way of saying you in Spanish. A familiar singular form tzi isanbsp;...

Title:Essential Spanish Grammar
Author:Seymour Resnick
Publisher:Courier Corporation - 2012-05-23


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