Essential Visual C++ 6.0 fast

Essential Visual C++ 6.0 fast

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Microsofts Visual C++ 6.0 contains many new features to help developers build high performance applications. This book is ideal reading for those who want a quick introduction to Windows programming with Visual C++ and the Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) library. Written in the inimitable style of the Essentials series, with lots of clear examples, this book is perfect for those who need to learn the maximum in the minimum time and to develop applications fast. Newcomers to the package will also find that Essential Visual C++ 6.0 fast will help them create applications - incorporating all the new features - quickly, effectively and productively. Topics covered include: the two key Windows classes: CFrameWnd and CWinApp; the MFC Library; message maps; controls; graphical output, and much more.Show.Window must be called only once per application for the main window with CWinApp::m_nCmdShow. m_pMainWnd-agt;UpdateWindow (); Updates the client area by sending a WM_PAINT message if the update region is ... This object is constructed when other C++ global objects are constructed and is already available when windows calls the WinMain function, which is supplied by the MFC library.

Title:Essential Visual C++ 6.0 fast
Author:Ian Chivers
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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