Ethical Eating

Ethical Eating

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Global food is not a nice business. It is controlled by a small cartel of unscrupulous, profit-grubbing multinationals with little or no regard for the consumer, their workers or the planet. It is an industry riddled by safety scandals, the nutritional quality of our food is in free-fall and diet related illness has now become epidemic. Intensive agriculture is steadily destroying the planet, contaminating water and air with artificial fertilisers and pesticides, degrading farmland, causing deforestation and pumping out greenhouse gases faster than the world's entire transport system. Meanwhile Big Food's rapacious appetite for profit knows no limits as it bribes its way through the 3rd world in a huge land grab, dumping untested GM seed on a new generation of farmer-slaves. But all is not lost! A new movement of real, organic and ethical food is on the brink of a renaissance. Read on to understand how Big Food really works and how to reclaim control over our own food once again.A Complete Guide to Sustainable Food Malcolm Coxall Guy Caswell. if it isna#39;t ... 3.4.10 How to make the transition to an organic shopping basket: Organic food production has progressed a lot in the last 10 years, but despite the rapid growth inanbsp;...

Title:Ethical Eating
Author:Malcolm Coxall
Publisher:Malcolm Coxall, Cornelio Books - 2014-02-20


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