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In his book, Ronnie L. Littlejohn attempts to provide a clear presentation of technical work done in the philosophy of human action, as well as to introduce a few of the most important discussions in the history of ethics and moral appraisal. The text introduces students to the study of ethics via philosophical observations on the actual practice of moral appraisal and its language. Littlejohn enables the student to appreciate the structure of ethical thought under any theoretical description rather than indoctrinating one righteous set of examples. Ethics accomplishes a general educational objective of introducing classical theories, philosophers and their arguments, but Littlejohn's treatment of the art of moral appraisal is a unique approach to ethical inquiry. Contents: The Spectrum of Appraisability; Determining Morally Appraisable Entities; Determining Appraisable Events; Conditions Which Remove Persons From Moral Appraisability: Responsibility Descriptions: Justifications; Responsibility Descriptions: Excuses; Responsibility Descriptions; Rationalizations; Responsibility Descriptions Using Virtue and Vice Concepts; Theoretical Questions about the Practice of Moral Appraisal; Conclusion: Moral Appraisability as a Benefit of Persons; Glossary.The brakes on Mandya#39;s 1983 Honda Civic are worn out, and the estimated cost to repair them is quite expensive. Jim decides to fix them himself, even though he has never done this kind of work before. So, he works on the car on Saturdayanbsp;...

Author:Ronnie Littlejohn
Publisher:University Press of America - 1993


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