Ethics: Theory and Contemporary Issues, Concise Edition

Ethics: Theory and Contemporary Issues, Concise Edition

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MacKinnona€™s ETHICS: THEORY AND CONTEMPORARY ISSUES CONCISE EDITION, 2E presents focused coverage of the major areas of ethical theory and an engaging collection of contemporary moral debates. The concise edition removes readings found in the market-leading comprehensive edition, but the remainder of the content is identical, providing a balanced and effective introduction to ethics that integrates theory with todaya€™s most pressing moral issues. Rigorous, yet reader-friendly, illuminating overviews and selections of readings from both traditional and contemporary sources make even complex philosophical concepts accessible for students. Comprehensive, clear-sighted introductions to general and specific areas of ethical debate cover major ethical theories, including feminist ethics, contract theory, and ethical relativism, before delving into issues ranging from euthanasia and sexual morality to war and globalization. Increased coverage of contemporary dilemmas highlights issues of widespread interest, including torture and terrorism, partial birth abortion, cloning, same-sex marriage, and global distributive justice. An innovative online resource center offers, among other things, animated simulations. These simulations offer students the opportunity to personally engage with dilemmas and thought experiments commonly presented in introduction to ethics classes and provide instructors with a way to seamlessly integrate online assignments into the class. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.... or know this on his or her own. It is one sign of a good paper if it gives credit for such indirect references. ... author, date you visited, and title. Giving the URL involves giving the whole reference, often enclosed in angle brackets as follows.

Title:Ethics: Theory and Contemporary Issues, Concise Edition
Author:Barbara MacKinnon
Publisher:Cengage Learning - 2012-01-01


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