Eureka: Road Less Traveled

Eureka: Road Less Traveled

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A Global Dynamics researcher has a breakthrough on her project visualizing another dimension. And since GD's experiments have a bad tendency to affect the entire town, Sheriff Jack Carter heads over to check it out. What he sees blows him away. The project has revealed a parallel universe, complete with another Eureka-one in which Carter doesn't exist! But as the two worlds begin to bleed into each other and residents confront their alternate selves, Carter may be the one man who can keep both Eurekas from being destroyed.Beyond some intensive hair repair and a clean uniform and maybe some salve for any bruises, she was as good as new. a€œGood.a€ Korinko stood. a€œDoes Sean know yet?a€ That was Dr. Boggsa#39;s first name, Jo remembered. Sean. a€œNot yet.

Title:Eureka: Road Less Traveled
Author:Cris Ramsay
Publisher:Penguin - 2011-03-29


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