Even Grues Get Full

Even Grues Get Full

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Even Grues Get Full is the fourth collection of the hit geek comic strip User Friendly by J.D. qIlliadq Frazer. Written with fresh, dry humor and an amusing vividness that brings the cast of characters to life, the comic strip is loved and read by millions around the world, from professional technologists to eight-year old wunderkinds, from 83-year old grandmothers who miss their Commodore 64s to patient spouses of born programmers. The comic strip is packed with references to geek interests, from obscure movies to old computer games, yet non-geeks are able to enjoy the story lines and character quirks, from Erwin's acerbic humor to Miranda's constant angst; from the Smiling Man's Machiavellian machinations to A.J.'s dysfunctional naAmvetAc. At the center of this lies Dust Puppy, the strip's gentle-hearted mascot and the character who has endeared himself to readers everywhere. In this book, join the antics of the characters once again as Stef contends with an enormous Tequila worm, Mike is tormented by Mr. Cola, and the techs move shop into an abandoned missile silo! Also included in this collection are the 9/11 tribute cartoons that were widely praised for their clear and simple pathos. Called qDilbert for Geeksq by Wired magazine and considered to be one of the few consistently intelligent and socially aware cartoons on the 'Net, User Friendly remains one of the most popular destinations for geeks and non-geeks alike. This book is a sure hit with anyone who works with computers or for anyone who lives with someone who works with computers!Linux. Free as in Freedom FREE AS IN By Sam Williams FREEDOM 1st Edition, March 2002 mmSXHSSi 240 pages, ISBN 0-596-00287-4 a–i Jg*alt; I Free as in ... The CVS Pocket Reference is a quick reference guide to help administrators and users set up and manage source code development. ... In addition, different types of RAID associated technologies and how to choose the best ones are covered.

Title:Even Grues Get Full
Author:JD Frazer, Illiad
Publisher:"O'Reilly Media, Inc." - 2003-08-26


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