Ever Since I Had My Baby

Ever Since I Had My Baby

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a€œNow women have it alla€”a much-needed book covering an undiscussed part of womena€™s health, a book that beautifully explains the common and distressing problems of prolapse and incontinence. Finally, a woman can have the facts and options to make her a team player with her physician as she tackles these issues. The information in this book picks up where that in What to ExpectAr When Youa€™re Expecting leaves off.a€ a€”Elizabeth G. Stewart, M.D., author of The V Book At last, a reassuring, straightforward, and practical guide to easing, preventing, and even curing, once and for all, the symptoms of pelvic-floor disorders, including: a€cincontinence a€cprolapse a€cpressure and pain a€csexual difficulties a€cbowel troubles Pelvic-floor disorders are much more common than you might thinka€”millions of women suffer from one or more symptoms of pelvic-floor injury. These problems often stem from the strain placed on the body during pregnancy and childbirth, although symptoms may take years, or decades, to appeara€”if they dona€™t begin right away. Childbirth can wreak havoc on even the healthiest womana€™s body, and you may still be feeling the effects long after the birth of your last child. If you suffer from any of these conditions, you do not need to feel helpless, and you are certainly not alone. Every one of these pelvic disorders is treatable, even curable in many cases. Dr. Roger Goldberg, a respected physician in the emerging field of urogynecology, provides the most up-to-date information on surgical and nonsurgical treatment options. He offers a clear explanation of the pelvic anatomy and why these disorders occur and also describes simple preventive techniques you can use to ease pelvic symptoms and minimize further strain (including the correct way to do Kegel exercises). Armed with the facts and candid advice contained in Ever Since I Had My Baby, you will be able to discuss your individual symptoms and potential treatments with your doctor confidently and knowledgeably. This book will help you realize the freedom youa€™ve been seeking from the emotional and physical burden of symptoms that often go unmentioned, or are overlooked, in womena€™s health care. From the Trade Paperback edition.At the very least, most women who perforin perineal massage during pregnane) and/or labor view il as a positiv e experience. I p to alt;agt;0 percent of women reported in one study that thev would do it during subsequent pregnancies. Give it a trjanbsp;...

Title:Ever Since I Had My Baby
Author:Roger Goldberg
Publisher:Potter Style - 2010-04-21


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