Everest - The First Ascent

Everest - The First Ascent

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WINNER OF THE OUTSTANDING GENERAL SPORTS WRITING AWARD, BRITISH SPORTS BOOK AWARDS WINNER OF THE BOARDMAN TASKER PRIZE WINNER OF THE MOUNTAIN a WILDERNESS PRIZE, BANFF FESTIVAL WINNER OF THE TONY LOTHIAN AWARD, BIOGRAPHERSa€™ CLUB For the first time, drawing upon previously unseen diaries and letters, rare archive material and interviews, Everest a€“ The First Ascent tells the remarkable story of Griffith Pugh, the forgotten team member whose scientific breakthroughs ensured the worlda€™s highest mountain could be climbed. A doctor and physiologist, Griffith Pugh revolutionised almost every aspect of British high-altitude mountaineering, transforming the climbersa€™ attitude to oxygen, the clothes they wore, their equipment, fluid intake and acclimatisation. Yet, far from receiving the acclaim he was due, he was met with suspicion and ridicule. His scientific contributions were, quite simply, at odds with old-fashioned notions of derring-do and the gentlemanly amateurism that dogged the sport. Later in his career, his impact in helping athletes enhance their performance lasts to this day in the fields of cycling, swimming and running. This insightful biography shows Pugh to be troubled, abrasive, yet brilliant. Eight years in the writing, closely researched, and told with unflinching honesty by Pugha€™s daughter, Harriet Tuckey, Everest a€“ The First Ascent is the compelling portrait of an unlikely hero.J7, 51. 9|. 127a€”3. 129. I30. l77a€”Ba#39; 20$. :79; alciing. 1m d1 39, as. 85. ImpalaAr: 55. 89. I95; naturally luclimd mquaiun mu- quaa€œ. 47-8. ... 2l4a€”li; fondnm Manual: 57. ... marlm um BGa#39;IZDITIONS mClm 03-aquot; ukpmliliun mu); Evzml. lint mm (1953}?

Title:Everest - The First Ascent
Author:Harriet Tuckey
Publisher:Random House - 2013-05-23


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