Every Breath Is a Gift: Reflections on My Leukemia Journey

Every Breath Is a Gift: Reflections on My Leukemia Journey

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With one phone call, author Erin Michaela Sweeney's life changes forever. She becomes a terminal cancer patient. This memoir recounts the harrowing months after diagnosis during which Sweeney endures chemotherapy rounds administered during hospital stays in the hope of getting into remission. If she makes it that far, then it is a race to find a donor who matches her profile. Will she receive a life-saving marrow transplant in time? And will she live long enough to see her son, Eliott, learn to walk, begin to talk, and have his second birthday? The author's blog posts about treatments, therapies, and home life are uniquely matched with reflective essays culminating in the truth that Every Breath Is a Gift. If you or a loved one faces leukemia or a marrow transplant (or both), this volume will bring comfort through reflections about one woman's cancer journey. It's still good to be alive press will donate $1 profit to Be the Match for each book sold.When reading a whodunit, some people take a peek at the end of the book to curtail unwanted suspense. In life, we cannot sneak a ... Yet he wanted to run a more detailed blood analysis that would require sending the blood to Defying the Odds.

Title:Every Breath Is a Gift: Reflections on My Leukemia Journey
Author:Erin Michaela Sweeney
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2015-07-31


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