Every Breath Is Gold

Every Breath Is Gold

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Get ready to laugh, cry, smile and think. Imagine yourself inside of a parent's worst nightmare - within the 6 minutes since your child has had a seizure and lay unconscious. Each second is passing faster than the last. The minutes are mounting. Your hope is dwindling. The doctor, who has been working feverishly to revive your child has since stopped and is now heading toward you. Rarely do we know life changing events as they are happening, but this time you know. You know deep down, that in a few seconds, after a few words, your life is going to change forever. All you keep saying to yourself as the doctor approaches is, qJust don't say it. Just don't say it. Just don't say 'time of death'.q qEvery Breath Is Goldq is an emotionally riveting story of one family's refusal to never give up. To keep moving forward under tremendous emotional pain and astronomical odds. To be able to continue to live, despite dying inside. To love, in the midst of loss. To understand that qEvery Breath Is Gold.q It is a book about life, unconditional love and belief. This is the complete series and contains all three books from the qEvery Breath Is Goldq Series: * 6 Minutes Wrestling With Life (Book 1) * Again (Book 2) * Your Soul Knows (Book 3) A $17.99 Value - Save over 80%This is always a sure sign of aspiration, which almost always leads to pneumonia . ... A super bug infection is a bacterium that gets stronger when it mutates to beat the antibiotics given to destroy it; thus making it resistant to almost ... I dona#39;t know how long Ia#39;m gone but eventually I come back. ... a€œWhat do you mean too late?

Title:Every Breath Is Gold
Author:JohnA Passaro
Publisher:JohnA Passaro - 2015-04-06


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