Everyone Can Cook

Everyone Can Cook

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Hello my name is Scott R. Taylor. For many years I have wanted a cook book that not only gives me recipes but shows and tells me the things I need to know to make food items I could be proud to serve. So I decided to make my own. One of the things I love in life is to eat good food. When Ia€™m growing up, mom and dada€™s along with grandmas cooking was always the worlda€™s best and in my mind nobody could top them. I was born in the early 1950a€™s in a middle class family on the south side of Chicago. Father was from Tennessee and Mother from Ohio. So that gave me my fi rst look at fusion cooking as I knew it. By the time I hit my early teens, I learned I could not eat out every meal, so I desired to learn to cook. My passion for food grew into a 45 year career. By trial and error, cooking with other chefs, learning from friends and trying many types of cooking jobs, I have learned something new. As many of us do many things in our life, my time in the Navy, working in diners, fi ne food, major hotels, off shore oil rigs and even retirement homes have taught me every aspect of food. I could not afford to go to culinary school so I learned by doing. Read a cook book, taste the spices, ask friends, but if you like to cook and eat - GET UP AND DO IT. Living in Las Vegas to me is the best. World class food and chefs, food from around the world. This is good life for me. I hope you enjoy this book and that it answers what or want to know about cooking. Please enjoy cooking, eating and life the way that I have.Rich, classic pan gravy adds the perfect finishing touch to many chicken dishes. Follow these easy directions to get it right. Pour drippings into a measuring cup. After moving your roasted chicken to a cutting board, pour the pan drippings into aanbsp;...

Title:Everyone Can Cook
Author:Scott R. Taylor
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2012-09-01


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