Everything Rises

Everything Rises

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They say that living well is the best revenge. Well, when Wally Weston ran into the woman who recently dumped him, his summer vacation instantly transformed into a cesspool of pain and fear. So, he decided to save face and pretend to have moved on. So, she called his bluff, one thing led to another, and yada yada yada, Wally joined a neo-evangelical sex-cult. And that's when things got weird... But wait! There's more! OBSERVE the orange-skinned man who talks to hairdryers! ENDURE the exciting world sociology graduate students! BEAR WITNESS TO the mysterious halfsy! LEARN HOW TO PRONOUNCE qRumspringaq! AND MUCH MUCH MORE! Everything Rises take the ball around the right end and runs out of the stadium! It's bound to make every other book in your personal library seem like a big bag of mashed up crap.a€œSorry to make you go through that, brother, but only people thata#39;s serious about this job would go through the trouble of filling one of these damn things out. ... register, and the two gas pumps in the gravel lot out front sent a digital readout to a little black box next to the register. ... in the doorway... about fifteen yards form the pair of gas pumps (at least he was courteous enough to blow the smoke outside).

Title:Everything Rises
Author:Dan Rempala
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2009-12


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