Evil Spy School

Evil Spy School

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When Ben gets kicked out of the CIAa€™s spy school, he enrolls with the enemy. From New York Times bestselling author, Stuart Gibbs, this companion to the Edgar Awarda€“nominated Spy School and Spy Camp is rife with action, adventure, and espionage. During a spy school game of Capture the Flag, twelve-year-old Ben Ripley somehow accidentally shoots a live mortar into the principala€™s officea€”and immediately gets himself expelled. Not long after going back to the boring old real world, Ben gets recruited by evil crime organization SPYDER. And he accepts. As a new student in SPYDERa€™s evil spy school, which trains kids to become bad guys with classes like Counter Counterespionage and Laying Low 101, Ben does some secret spying of his own. Hea€™s acting as unofficial undercover agent, and it becomes quickly apparent that SPYDER is planning something very biga€”and very evil. Ben can tell hea€™s a key part of the plan, but hea€™s not quite sure what the plan is. Can Ben figure out what SPYDER is up toa€”and get word to the good guys without getting caughta€”before ita€™s too late?Even though youa#39;ve shown some mettle, you still have things to learn. ... Being a bad guy isna#39;t easy, you know. In fact ... But therea#39;s also duplicity, conniving, subterfuge, and killing without making it look like murder, to name just a few things. ... Should you say yes, we will return to your home and inform your parents that Wiseman Prep sees an opportunity where those fools at St. Smithena#39;s no longer do.

Title:Evil Spy School
Author:Stuart Gibbs
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2015-04-21


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