Evolutionary Foundations of Economic Science

Evolutionary Foundations of Economic Science

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This book aims to discern and distinguish the essential features of basic economic theories and compare them with new theories that have arisen in recent years. The book focuses on seminal economic ideas and theories developed mainly in the 1930s to 1950s because their emergence eventually led to new branches of economics. The book describes an alternative analytical framework spreading through the interdisciplinary fields of socioeconophysics and sociodynamics. The focus is on a set of branching or critical points that separate what has gone before from what has followed. W. Brian Arthur used the term a€œredomaininga€ when he referred to technological innovation. In the present volume the author aims to re domain economic theories suited for a new social order. Major technological innovations accompany not only changes in the economy and the market but changes in their meaning as well. In particular, the evolution of trading technology has changed the meaning of the a€œinvisible hand.a€ At the end of the last century, the advent of socioeconophysics became a decisive factor in the emergence of a new economic science. This emergence has coincided with changes in the implications of the economy and the market, which consequently require a redomaining of economic science. In this new enterprise, the joint efforts of many scientists outside traditional economics have brought brilliant achievements such as power law distribution and network analysis, among others. However, the more diverse the backgrounds of economic scientists, the less integrated the common views among them may be, resulting in a sometimes perplexing potpourri of economic terminology. This book helps to mitigate those differences, shedding light on current alternative economic theories and how they have evolved.During the final quarter of the last century, the economy shifted towards services and away from manufacturing. This transition is part of the ... For future reference, I will summarize here the traditional production scheme. We are used to a timeanbsp;...

Title:Evolutionary Foundations of Economic Science
Author:Yuji Aruka
Publisher:Springer - 2014-10-04


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