Evolutionary Genetics : Concepts and Case Studies

Evolutionary Genetics : Concepts and Case Studies

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Charles Fox and Jason Wolf have brought together leading researchers to produce a cutting-edge primer introducing readers to the major concepts in modern evolutionary genetics. This book spans the continuum of scale, from studies of DNA sequence evolution through proteins and development to multivariate phenotypic evolution, and the continuum of time, from ancient events that lead to current species diversity to the rapid evolution seen over relatively short time scales in experimental evolution studies. Chapters are accessible to an audience lacking extensive background in evolutionary genetics but also current and in-depth enough to be of value to established researchers in evolution biology.Many models of protein structure are based on physico- chemical properties of the amino acids of the sequence, but protein crystallography has ... Two examples are proline, which is recognized as a helix-breaker, and cysteine, which can form disulfide linkages. ... Structural alleles need not be single base substitutions to affect protein sequence, however. ... of three that thus do not disrupt the reading frame of the proteina#39;s triplet code), but may still alter protein structure and/or function.

Title:Evolutionary Genetics : Concepts and Case Studies
Author:Lexington Charles W. Fox Department of Entomology University of Kentucky, Faculty of Life Sciences University of Manchester Jason B. Wolf Lecturer
Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA - 2006-04-04


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