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Gina had fallen for Matt Hooley when they were both teenage rebels. Together, they were going to save the world - until their mothers put a stop to it, and made sure they never saw each other again. Now, fourteen years later, Gina still regards Matt as 'The One'. No one else has ever come close to measuring up. All of her other boyfriends have eventually stumbled at some hurdle or other, cursing 'Saint Matt' as they fell. Gina's always had a daydream that one day Matt would come back and carry her off on his obligatory white charger. But never once in her fantasies did he ever arrive complete with an ex-wife and three kids! Worse, her teenage rebel has become thoroughly respectable. Well groomed, wealthy, middle class - he could even pass for an accountant! How can her Mr Right have gone so wrong...?... and the van driver from Channel 6 was so relentlessly cheerful she longed to take his Abba Gold tape and jump up and ... Like a girl with a sense of humour, well, leta#39;s face it, all I have to do is drop me trousers to make a girl laugh, know whatanbsp;...

Author:Zoe Barnes
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2012-07-26


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