Exam Tips

Exam Tips

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Each time I sat to write, I had one burning question in my heart. I knew that the only reason you would buy this book is that you have an important exam to prepare for which you desire to pass excellently. So I always asked myself, a€œCan I really help you pass excellently?a€ I think I must have asked that question over half a thousand times, and each time, my answer was YES! Yes I can help you pass excellently! Thata€™s why I spent countless hours and very many lonely nights researching, reflecting, meditating, writing, re-writing and developing the content until I felt it was perfect for you. I thought about you throughout, and so Ia€™m very sure you will love this book. I wrote Exam Tips in order to make the process of preparing for and passing exams easier, faster, less stressful and more effective for you; as well as help you get much higher results in every exam you take, which is what I sincerely believe you deserve. This book contains the 31 greatest principles for surpassing success in any exam written in a style thata€™s easy to read, fun to read and very easy to apply. It comes with 124 fun Practice Questions and 62 exciting Discussion Topics to drive your understanding deeper and help you apply the tips correctly. With this book, you have a tested guide that can help you achieve the results you truly desire every time. It will show you how you can study for exams without stress, without fear and without failure. All thata€™s required is that you think through it and take some action. Cheers!TOP TIP What Do You Think? Beyond testing how well youa#39;re prepared for the questions you may be asked, exams also test how well you have mastered certain conditions as exam fear, tension build-up due to unfamiliar questions, the needanbsp;...

Title:Exam Tips
Author:Godwin Benson
Publisher:Transtudent World - 2014-01-20


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