Excel 97 Essentials

Excel 97 Essentials

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For courses in Microsoft Office for Windows and Excel for Windows. Essentials are hands-on tutorials with a project orientation designed to give students a thorough knowledge of software applications in 8-12 contact hours. Most Essentials are four color with oversized screen shots so students can follow along. Essentials are available for most Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 applications.* NEW - More end-of-project exercises. * Helps students practice the skills learned in the project and apply those skills in various situations. * NEW - New Screen ID exercises for review. * Helps students become familiar with the elements of the various screens. * NEW - New Challenge exercises. * Encourages students to use their problem solving skills. * NEW - Why Would I Do This? overviews. * Helps students understand the whys as well as the hows. * NEW - Running marginal glossary. * Helps students understand unfamiliar terms by defining complex terminology where they are first encountered. * NEW - If You Have Problems... Boxes - Anticipate common pitfalls. * Helps students learn the processes correctly the first time. * NEW - Inside Stuff - Provides tips and shortcuts. * Provides tips and shoMicrosoH Excel - Bonus ;^J Ete Ed* View Insert Fgrmat lools Bate tflndow b* - EH * -|J|x 00% l|E D(C4agt;=20500 ... Lesson 4: Creating a Formula with Multiple IF Statements Imagine that ita#39;s time to calculate quarterly bonuses for the AQN ... The company has a graduated bonus scale for quarterly sales, which works like this: agt;a€c Salespeople with sales below $60, 000 for the quarter do not receive a bonus.

Title:Excel 97 Essentials
Author:Nancy Kazmorczyk
Publisher:Prentice Hall - 1997


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