Exit the Turtle Lady

Exit the Turtle Lady

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When what is assumed to be a gas explosion destroys a womana€™s home, a witness is drawn into events that lead far beyond the victima€™s passion for protecting turtles and into a criminal plot that will test lifelong friendships, endanger a dam and involve a once-famous imprisoned eco-terrorist. A mysterious van that was once used in a plot to damage the Lincoln Memorial is found disabled atop a dam in rural Idaho, bringing to light the burglary, twenty-five years earlier, of the Federal Ordinance Arsenal in Washington State and creating suspicion about the motives of a group of locals caring for their recently injured frienda€”the Turtle Lady. Law enforcement initially pursues R.A. Endicotta€”an unlikely suspect most comfortable tending his pumpkinsa€”and his good friend Skipper for their vague involvement with the damaged home, but information is gathered that suggests a conspiracy and imminent plot aimed at eliminating Double Falls Reservoir in the name of salmon habitat. However, when the plan is ultimately exposed, that proves not to have been the case at all. The target is something no one imagined and the goal far more sinister than anyone suspected.Chuckles, Mindy and their two boys took the new boat out for its inaugural run and checkout, while Steve sat anxious and ... Iwas alreadylooking forward to running the river, throwing a twenty foot roostertail and savoring the spray on some blazing ... ranwildly around the PortaPottys and had a large time climbing on the beachedswim float, its plastic pontoons making ... It would be unrealistic, I know, to expect armored tanks and fighter jets, but maybea squad car parked at the entranceanbsp;...

Title:Exit the Turtle Lady
Author:Cleland Reid
Publisher:America Star Books - 2014-06-17


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