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In Expendable, the first volume of the League of Peoples, Festina Ramos is assigned to escort an unstable admiral to planet Melaquin. Little is known about Melaquin, for every explorer who's landed there has disappeared. It's come to be known as the qplanet of no return, q and the High Council has made a habit of sending troublesome admirals there in an attempt to get rid of them. It's clear that this is intended to be Ramos's last mission, but she doesn't plan on dying, no matter how expendable she may be.a€œHomebrew?a€ I asked, trying to control my gag reflex. a€œMy own recipe, a€ Tobit answered proudly. a€œYou cana#39;t get booze ... The only hard work was programming the maintenancebots notto throw out what I produced: they thought it was lemonadeanbsp;...

Author:James Alan Gardner
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2014-10-30


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