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I wrote the book to tell of my experiences as I grew up liviing on a farm in north-central Kansas. I wanted my grand children to know some of the things that I had endured and events that had an impact later in life. It is not possible to sit down and tell them stories as in years past, so a book may suffice.She would sprinkle water on the clothes to make them damp and then take an iron from the stove when it was hot and iron the wrinkles out. The irons ... The fire would die out in the kitchen stove so it got cold enough that the water in the bucket would freeze by morning. Mom would ... The cows and horses would switch their tails to scare the flies away, but many were able to bite the animals. There were ... We would put a tea towel over the water pail when we would go to town. By theanbsp;...

Author:Norman Verl Stones
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2014-01-30


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