Expert .NET 1.1 Programming

Expert .NET 1.1 Programming

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This is a book about getting the best out of .NET. Ita€™s based on the philosophy that the best approach to writing good, high-performance, robust applications that take full advantage of the features of .NET is to understand whats going on deep under the hood. If you are already experienced with writing managed applications and want to learn more about how to get the best from the CLR at an advanced level, then this is the book for you. Topics covered include intermediate language, performance, profiling, security, advanced Windows Forms, threading, and systems management using Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). This book has been reviewed by developers at Microsoft, who have provided invaluable information about the CLR. The information contained in this book, which in many cases goes far beyond the available documentation, will enable you to write better, more robust, more responsive, better performing and, in some cases, more sophisticated applications. Expert .NET Programming originally appeared under the title Advanced .NET. The response from many readers was extremely enthusiastic, prompting us to release a second edition under the new title. This edition has been fully updated for .NET 1.1, and many of the explanations have been revised.Imagine, for example, that object A holds a reference to object B, B has a reference to C, and C a reference to A. The whole ... The work-around for this situation was complex, involving something called a weak reference (no relation to the .

Title:Expert .NET 1.1 Programming
Author:Simon Robinson
Publisher:Apress - 2004-09-29


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