Explore Ancient Greece!

Explore Ancient Greece!

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Investigate the fascinating civilization of ancient Greece through 25 hands-on projects and activities for young readers ages 6-9. Kids learn about ancient Greek homes, food, playtime, clothing, conquests, arts and entertainment, gods, and more. Activities range from fashioning a model oil lamp from clay to building a courtyard column and constructing a flipbook sailing ship. By combining a hands-on element with riddles, jokes, fun facts, and comic cartoons, kids Explore Ancient Greece! and develop an understanding of how this ancient civilization still influences our modern world.a. We call this pi. The number goes on forever. To make things easier, we often just use the first few digits and write itlike this: 3.14. ... Ancient Greece is known for its philosophers, especially Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. Q: Why was the math scroll stressed out? A: It had too many problems. HOMER: a famous ancient.

Title:Explore Ancient Greece!
Author:Carmella Van Vleet
Publisher:Nomad Press - 2008-07-01


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