Explore Life

Explore Life

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Using a variety of exercise formats (traditional, guided inquiry, and design-your-own), this manual, written by Doreen Schroeder, helps students ask good questions and think critically. Students will analyze data, draw conclusions, and present those conclusions. They will also be challenged to make connections between lab exercises, between lecture and lab, and between biology in the laboratory (or lecture hall) and their own life. Each exercise in the student manual contains an overview, an introduction, a materials list, the methods, and application questions. Where appropriate, time has been built into the exercises for discussion and interactions between students and between students and instructors. The exercises are also adaptable to different situations and time frames. The instructor's manual gives suggestions for adapting the exercises, in addition to a complete supplies list (including some sources), sample lab format, and suggested answers for questions and/or worksheets. To see the first two chapters of this great new lab manual visit http: //www.brookscole.com/cgi-brookscole/course_products_bc.pl?fid=M20bIaproduct_isbn_issn=0030225582adiscipline_number=22 Select qLaboratory Experimentsq under qBook Resourcesq on the left-hand navigation bar at the Instructor site.At the bottom of the diagram the products, glucose and fructose have been released and the enzyme is available to catalyze another reaction. ... Keep in mind that many of the conditions that will be changed in the following exercises will affect the functioning of the enzyme ... yeast, . a. living. organism. YOU WILL NEED 1 large mortar and pestle 1 25 mL graduated cylinder 1 clock or timer 1 small spatulaanbsp;...

Title:Explore Life
Publisher:Taylor & Francis - 2003-08


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