Exposure Photo Workshop

Exposure Photo Workshop

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New and updated techniques for working with exposure Exposure involves a variety of skills, but once mastered, can turn a hobbyist into a bona fide photographer. This hands-on resource dissects the components of exposurea€”ISO, aperture, shutter speeda€”and shows how they work together to capture the photographera€™s vision. Youa€™ll learn how to leave the safety of automatic settings and understand how controlling the settings can result in beautiful photos. Stunning photos of people, wildlife, and landscapes serve to inspire you to practice your new skills in exposure and create memorable and frame-worthy photos. Unveils the many intricate levels of exposure and clearly explains how to master each one so that you can capture amazing photos Encourages you to apply each of the techniques you learn with patience and experimentation when photographing people, wildlife, landscapes, or any other subject matter Details the essentials for taking frame-worthy photos in a variety of challenges, such as action, night scenes, low light, bad weather, and more Features updated, stunning, and inspiring full-color photos throughout Expose yourself to the fantastic and unparalleled advice contained within the pages of Exposure Photo Workshop, Second Edition!6-3 In this chapter, I walk you through the basics of both the primary exposure modes and the scene or subject modes that many cameras have, and I explain why ... of menus and dials on your camera, but identifying a few useful ones can certainly help you get more fun, not to mention better, pictures from your camera. ... In addition, your camera may offer a Manual mode that has very distinct advantages.

Title:Exposure Photo Workshop
Author:Jeff Wignall
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2011-06-24


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