Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather

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This book is about weather extremes in the United Kingdom. It presents fascinating and detailed insights into tornadoes (supercell and nona€“supercell tornadoes, historical and contemporary case studies, frequency and spatial distributions, and unique data on extreme events); thunderstorms (epic event analysis and observing); hailstorms (intensity, distributions and frequency of high magnitude events); lightning (lightning as a hazard, impacts and injuries); ball lightning (definitions, impacts and case studies); flooding (historical and contemporary analysis, extreme rainfall and flash flooding); snowfalls (heavy snowfall days and events). It also looks at researching weather extremes, provides guidance on performing posta€“storm site investigations and details what is involved in severe weather forecasting. It is written by members, directors and past and present Heads of the research group the Tornado and Storm Research Organisation (TORRO). With fifteen chapters thematically arranged, and data appendix including a new tornado map of the U.K., this book presents a wealth of information on meteorological extremes. This volume is aimed primarily at researchers in the field of meteorology and climatology, but will also be of interest to advanced undergraduate students taking relevant courses in this area.The severe drop in pressure within the core of the tornado has the potential for creating violent air movements, due to the strong ... An interesting case is reported for the West Cornwall tornado of December 2012 where a farm building a#39; explodeda#39; outwards at opposite ends, leaving the middle section ... Where this does occur, the appropriate interpretation might well depend on the orientation of the building with respect to the ... The timing of the start of the tornado is particularly helpful.

Title:Extreme Weather
Author:Robert K. Doe
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2015-12-02


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