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Edith, Osbert and Sacheverell Sitwell were the children of possibly the most selfish and mismatched couple in the annals of the British aristocracy. They became in the 1920s, in Cyril Connolly's words, 'a dazzling monument to the English scene . . . had they not been there a whole area of life would have been missing.' John Pearson describes the public and private live of this strangest and most flamboyant of literary families.This tiny millionairess in her old blue beret seems to have been entranced by Renishaw and its inhabitants, and the account she ... We seldom obeyed Osberta#39;s instructions to sit out of doors but stayed instead, just inside the doorway that led to the ... There was her patriotic knitting (a#39;will you bring your ration card, and Ia#39;ll get wool to make you another pull-over without ... In The Days of Mars Bryher tells of how she bought a sackful of camel-combings from a keeper at the London Zoo andanbsp;...

Author:John Pearson
Publisher:A&C Black - 2011-12-01


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