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Korean Life Clothing and Fashion Food Housing Festivals, Celebrations and Holidays Religion Society South Korea a€“ Summary Education, Research, and Industry Labor and Social Welfare System Transformation into a Multicultural Society Culture UNESCO Heritage in Korea Traditional Arts Hallyu (Korean Wave) Tourism Historical Heritage of Seoul Tourist Attractions and Shopping Centers Streets of Youth Recreation in Nature Tourist Attractions outside Seoul Hanok Villages Major Local Festivals in Korea Sports How South Korea Became a Sporting Powerhouse 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan 2011 World Championships in Athletics 2012 London Summer Olympics 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Taekwondo History The Beginnings of the Countrya€™s History (Prehistoric Times - Gojoseon) Three Kingdoms and other States Unified Silla and Balhae Goryeo Joseon The Fall of Joseon: Imperial Japana€™s Annexation of Korea Independence Movement Transition to a Democracy and Transformation into an Economic Powerhouse Constitution and Government Constitution Executive, Legislative and the Judiciary Independent Organizations Local Government International Relations Economy The Korean Economy - the Miracle on the Hangang River Koreaa€™s Open Market Capitalist Economy Industrial Brand Leaders and Korean Industrial Standards Efforts to Grow as a Global Power Inter-Korean Relations Historical Background Simultaneous Admission of the two Koreas to the UN Inter-Korean Exchanges and Cooperation Efforts for Lasting Peace Relevant Websites Sources of PhotosIn recent years, the hilly trails of Jejudo Island have emerged as a favorite destination for hikers. ... A vast network of bike paths has been established across the country, and many people now enjoy cycling along the countrya#39;s ... Collaboration of Sports and Science At the 2012 London Summer Olympics, a South Korean won the gold medal in the vault final. ... a facility that can accommodate 350 athletes in twelve sports (i.e. athletics, shooting, swimming, tennis, soft tennis, volleyball, anbsp;...

Author:Korean Culture and Information Service Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
Publisher:길잡이미디어 - 2015-01-15


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