Fake It

Fake It

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No one is perfecta€”but everyone can fake it Let's get real. At one point or another, every woman has had to fake ita€”how else would we get everything done in a mere twenty-four hours? Fake It makes all those time-sucking tasksa€”such as doing the laundry, baking a homemade dessert for a school fundraiser, and maintaining a socially acceptable level of personal hygienea€”seem effortless. With more than 100 shortcuts and wonderfully constructed white lies, you'll be able to fake it all, including: An immaculate bathroom when the in-laws visit Flawless skin for that big night out Liking a crappy dinner at a friend's house A tidy car on carpool day Knowing the answer to your client's question And yes, of course, faking an orgasm So whether you're asked for your opinion about a stomach-turning outfit, really not feeling it in bed, or just too tired to clean the house, Fake It will give you the foolproof advice you need to get through all of life's situations.Writers at www.handyamerican.com say your dAccor also plays a role in making your living room look bigger (or smaller). Light, neutral, or bright paint colors tend to make a room look largera€”be sure to go with solid colors. Dark colors are not a anbsp;...

Title:Fake It
Author:Jennifer Byrne
Publisher:Adams Media - 2012-10-18


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