Falcon on the Tower

Falcon on the Tower

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Based on real events! Falcon On The Tower delivers the genre of Geopolitical Techno-Thriller ... fast paced, page turning plot. Jump on board a you won't want to get off! Fighting global terrorism, Bryan Craig heads up Pegasus, a London based counter-terrorism team and joint effort of the U.S. and UK. Combining financial tracking, psychological profiling, and the most sophisticated forensics lab in the world, Bryan embarks on a journey from London to the qSkytropolisq of Dubai and finally the high Hindu Kush Mountains, as he tracks a new group of fanatical Islamists. What are the ramifications for the West and Christianity as the new face of Islam is uncovered? Along the way, Bryan retraces footsteps of the old British Empire, and discovers clues to what may be planned, before a climatic, plot twisting, and chilling ending. Falcon On The Tower is insightful and thought provoking; a fresh, new look at a conflict centuries old.a€œHello, Bryan?a€ Shannon asked. a€œHola, a€ he said eyes still shut. a€œIa#39;m at the lab. We have something here you need to see right away ... Part control room, part communications, part hi-tech analysis with lots of glass, and monitor screens, but plainanbsp;...

Title:Falcon on the Tower
Author:Ron Clark Ball
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2007-02


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