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Why should the joys of puttering in the garden be relegated to spring and summer when autumn has so much to offer? Enjoyable temperatures and more dependable rainfall in much of the country extend the growing season and allow the gardener to spend more time enjoying the garden and less time watering. Those final splendid months before winter's chill offer hospitable conditions for an impressive array of flowers, foliage, berries, and seedheads. Nancy J. Ondra and Stephanie Cohen, two top garden writers and teachers, team up to show readers how to achieve three-season garden color. Join them on a detailed tour through dozens of plants that bring life and color to late-season gardens. Ondra and Cohen identify all the key fall-specific players and explain how to combine them with multiseason workhorse plants to create gardens that move gracefully from spring through the riotous days of summer and into autumn's golden weeks. Ten complete garden plans put everything together for autumn-loving gardeners. Particularly stunning in the fall but designed to deliver multiseason appeal, they cover a range of growing conditions and color themes. The authors wrap up the season (and the book) with a garden care calendar featuring tips and techniques on how to plant, prune, and maintain gardens all season long so they remain glorious throughout the fall, as well as dozens of suggestions for how to prepare gardens for winter.EARLY TO MID-FALL If you have a garden, you need a compost pile. This is a great time to get one started, because there are plenty of ingredients around to work with: both a€œgreensa€ (nitrogen-rich materials), such as grass clippings and freshanbsp;...

Author:Stephanie Cohen, Nancy J. Ondra
Publisher:Storey Publishing - 2007-09-15


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