Family Secrets

Family Secrets

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Starlet St. Morgan seemed to have it all. A successful author and businesswoman in a happy marriage, she was the envy of many. But having had a reclusive childhood punctuated by her mothers mysterious untimely death left a void in her life. One she decided to fill by researching her family tree, only to have her entire world unravel and come crashing down around her. Derrick Hayden had been on a professional high after the biggest low of his life. His private investigation firm had successfully solved its last one hundred and one cases, a feat rarely attained in the field of investigation. A chance call from an old friend pulls him into the case of his life one that may finally redeem him for not being able to solve the one case that meant the most to him.Held up in his D.C. home, he made his last command decision. After making sure the doors ... Pulling open one of his desk drawers, he took out his humidor and placed it on the desk. After carefully ... After exhaling a long cloud of smoke and carefully putting the cigar out in his Michel Perrenoud ashtray, Wilerby put the gun into his ... Alexa would never believe he had anything to do with the kidnapping.

Title:Family Secrets
Author:Astrya Richard
Publisher:iUniverse - 2003-03-01


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