Far from Random

Far from Random

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Since Burton Malkiela€™s seminal work A Random Walk Down Wall Street was published, the financial world has swallowed whole the idea that market movement is chaotic and random. In Far from Random, Richard Lehman uses behavior-based trend analysis to debunk Malkiela€™s random walk theory. Lehman demonstrates that the market has discernible trends that are foreseeable. By learning to spot these trends, investors and traders can predict market movement to boost returns in anything from equities to 401(k) accounts. Richard Lehman has been a financial professional for more than thirty years. He studied the first iterations of behavioral finance back in the 1970s as a financial marketer and has since worked in various facets of the financial industry. His early introduction to behavioral finance and the more recent introduction to trend analysis led him to this important discovery.Using Investor Behavior and Trend Analysis to Forecast Market Movement Richard Lehman ... enables us to completely redefine the concept of support and resistance, one of the most basic and commonly used concepts in technical analysis.

Title:Far from Random
Author:Richard Lehman
Publisher:John Wiley and Sons - 2010-05-13


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