Fashioned for Power

Fashioned for Power

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Allegra Simpson is the Vice President of Simpson Fashion and she's always handled life like her mother taught her a€” with manners and a smile. But Allegra learns being nice can get you in trouble as someone haunts her from the shadows and turns her life to one of secrets. She fears shea€™ll never be able to have a relationship with Finn, because it would put everyone she loves in danger. Finn Williams had a promising professional baseball career until an injury disrupted everything. But Finn wouldn't let that stop him. He went to law school and started his own sports agency with the support of the Simpson family. The only thing missing was Allegraa€™s love. The chemistry between the two had been undeniable. But Finn knew there was something that Allegra is holding back from him. He just has to get her to trust him enough to tell him. The man in the shadows is watching. Hea€™s always watching. He knows Allegraa€™s every move. Hea€™s been in her house, laid in her bed, and has plans to make her love him. She rejected him, but they are destined for each other. Hea€™s seen her with Finn and knows this new man is no match for him. Soon shea€™ll come to see they are meant to be. Because if he cana€™t have her, then no one cana€œBut it was interesting, thata#39;s for sure, a€ Elle said with a look that told Finn she had an idea but wasna#39;t ready to share. a€œNow, Leggy ... Elle smiled gently. ... a€œFinn, you take her to your home and put her to bed. ... a€œAnd in the vent in the living room. ... I think hea#39;d like to hear your take ... The Woodcrofts are coming into the office.

Title:Fashioned for Power
Author:Kathleen Brooks
Publisher:Laurens Publishing - 2015-01-19


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