Fast Food & the Obesity Epidemic

Fast Food & the Obesity Epidemic

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Obesitya€”the state of being very overweighta€”is more than a problem in the world today; ita€™s a crisis. One out of every three adults is obese. Childhood obesity is a major health concern as well. Experts agree that fast food is one of the most significant factors behind bigger bodies. For many people, fast food has become more than a quick way to grab a meal; it has become a way of life. Learn how fast food and the fast-food industry have shaped not only our bodies but also our lifestyles. Discover how to fight the fast-food industrya€™s hold over the worlda€™s diet.How. Many. Calories. Do. You. Need? Most people donotcount exactly how many Calories they take in every day and measure how many Calories they are burning. This involves some very complicated mathematics and can require the helpanbsp;...

Title:Fast Food & the Obesity Epidemic
Author:Autumn Libal
Publisher:Mason Crest - 2014-11-17


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