Fat Chance

Fat Chance

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Plus-size Maggie O'Leary is America's Anti-Diet Sweetheart. Her informed column about the pitfalls of dieting is the one sane voice crying out against the dietocracy. She is perfectly happy with who she is and the life she leads. Until she gets the chance to spend some quality time with Hollywood's hottest star. Maggie knows she can't exactly show up looking likea€bwell, herself. So she swallows her words and vows to become the skinniest fat advocate Tinseltown has ever seen. Swearing her trusted assistant to silence, Maggie embarks on a qsecretq makeover. From showdowns with her boss, who is convinced his star columnist is losing her edgea€”er, girtha€”to run-ins with her closest male friend, the trip through the famed red door of beauty is anything but graceful. But despite her doubts about abandoning the comfortable life she's knowna€”not to mention deceiving legions of loyal readers who still think of her as their champion, L.A.-bound Maggie is hell-bent on getting her just qdessertsq! Bursting with wit, insight and humor, Deborah Blumenthal's Fat Chance is a guilt-free pleasure that is good to the last page!Hea#39;s oblivious, as are most people whoa#39;ve never had a weight problem. We start with the size of seats in Forda#39;s Lincoln Navigator that were roomy to begin with, but were widened by an inch in the 2003 model. In addition, the area between theanbsp;...

Title:Fat Chance
Author:Deborah Blumenthal
Publisher:Harlequin - 2012-06-15


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