Fat Control

Fat Control

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The book, Fat Control: The NET Equation was written to address obesity, a very serious health problem today. This book provides all the necessary tools to reach optimum fat control and health. The Nutrition (N) factor covers vitamins, minerals, healthy foods, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fiber, cholesterol, sugar, sodium, water, suggested luncheons/ dinners, and suggested snacks/side dishes. The Exercise (E) factor discusses types of exercise, pulse rate, step program, exercise research, and biometric measurements. Thinking (T), the third factor, covers rational emotive behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, deep muscle relaxation, behavior therapy, and behavior modification techniques. This book provides different charts to monitor your progress. The use of the NET equation daily provides an elegant solution for successful, healthy, and permanent fat control.Activity Calories Expended Climbing stairs - 202 calories House cleaning - 144 calories Raking leaves - 114 calories Gardening ... The following list presents suggestions: Walk up the staircase and not use the elevator Walk during lunch break Walk ... distance to where you want to go Do gardening Stay outside in the cold weather Lower the temperature in the house Fold ... Cooking activities Move the waste paper basket to a distant location in the office Stand up as much as possible.

Title:Fat Control
Author:Vincent S Filingeri, PhD
Publisher:First Edition Design Pub. - 2011-09-26


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